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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I am 99.44% done.  So pretty much done... :)

As previously mentioned, I stripped the legs and repainted.  I purchased new leg levelers and made leg bolts.  The originals were in bad shape, they were very hunked up and areas of the nickel plate was chipped off.  They do not make bolts like that anymore (or if they do, I could not find them) so I purchased nice shiny new nickel plated acorn nuts and some all-thread rods and cut them to length and glued the acorn nuts to the top of them to make my own. 

I also painted the red and green circles on the sides of the cabinet.  I spent like $35.00 on paint for about a few inches of color so now need to find something to paint red and green... :) 

It is all assembled and I played it last night for about an hour.  I had some issues with the metal openings under the runway areas opening and closing properly so took me a while to get the kinks worked out but all seems to be running smoothly.  It still has it's warts.  The legs are not great but until I can find new ones they will do.  The cabinet has a slight twist where the back left and front right corner are raised a little higher.  It does not seem to cause too many issues but on occasion a ball will not return down to the ball lifter and I need to give the machine a little jiggle which can knock the tilt ball off it's pedestal but not the end of the world.  One of the gates has stayed up after raising a few times but drops down after a little bit.  I am hoping with more use it won't be an issue.  

I cut the new coin door and am in the process of finishing it.  I should have it done in a day or two.  I am still working out the frame for the instruction card but should have it on the machine shortly.

Below are some updated pictures.

Paint job complete

With no glass.  You can see my 1934 Buffalo nickel :)

Assembled with glass installed. I had a bad score...

Lower playfield

Upper playfield

Shiny tilt cup

Shiny shooter

Coin slide installed

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