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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Initial Inspection and Breakdown

So the first thing I did was to start to take the machine apart to get the jammed balls out as well to clean and inspect the machine.  The balls are in very bad shape.  The yellow one is not an original and was used to replace either a badly damaged or missing ball.  I am still in the process of cleaning the machine and removing some the rust.  The playing field was held in by 4 screws.  3 of which were missing.  I took them out a while ago when I was first looking to restore it and they disappeared.  Luckily Ken from Prewar Pinball had some extras and sent them to me.  Thanks Ken!

Playfield removed

The shutter.  You can see the dust from where holes in the playing field left it exposed

The shutter from playing position

Chipped glass balls


  1. Hey man, I'm picking up one of these and it no longer has the balls. Where did you end up getting your replacements?

  2. Hey there. I looked for the reciept but cannot find it but believe I purchased from but when I looked they no longer have the correct size. You can purchase from any marble supplier, you just need 7/8" marbles. You need 9 of one color and 1 of a second color. The odd colored one counts as double score. Originals were 9 blue and 1 red. If you have any other questions after you get it just let me know.

  3. Hi, I am trying to get one of these working a customer. I can't find any info on the batteries. Do you know the correct voltage and amp hour rating? I tried a 6 volt lantern battery but it didn't have enough amps to fire the bell and coils together but it would fire the coils without the bell.
    Thanks, Joe

    1. Hi Joe,

      Am sorry, I never saw your comment. I do not use batteries for it. The type they used are no longer available. I use a battery charger to run the machine. This is the one I use.