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Friday, October 25, 2013

It's Alive!

So I ordered the glass and it will be here next week but in the mean time I put everything together to test it and it is working great for the most part.  The two back runways when they open up to let the balls drop when you start the game were sticking open on occasion.  I purchased new springs today for them and will try again this weekend to see if that solved the issue. 

I also am still trying to find legs but not having much luck.  Worst case I use the originals, warts and all.

I also need to paint the side art.  Hopefully will do that within the week.

My youngest daughter is hooked already.   She played it with me yesterday and today wanted to again after dinner but I told her I took it back apart and she cried like the world was ending... 

Here is a peek at how the playfield looks now that it is all put back together.

Playfield after lots of hours of cleaning and polishing....

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