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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Search for Information

So when I started this project, I was pretty sure it was a 1930s Pinball machine but I could find no manufacturer information anywhere on the machine.  I just knew what it was supposed to do and knew it had some issues.  The glass was missing, major rust on many of the parts, the balls/marbles are chipped very badly and not usable, the battery it ran on is rusted and corroded, it is missing the coin door and lock, just to name a few of the issues.
So the first thing I did was started cleaning it up and looked to find replacement balls/marbles for it.  In searching online, I came across the website Crow River Trading and they had glass balls on their site that looked like the ones I needed but was unsure if they would work so I emailed them.  Roger from Crow River Trading was very helpful even though the balls they had were not the correct size for my machine.  Roger knew the name and make of my machine and directed me to the Internet Pinball Database to see read more about it.  I did not even know there was such a place.  It winds up Roger once owned a Bally Signal himself.  So once I knew what the machine was it has made it much easier to get some help as I could tell people what it was I owned rather than completely shooting in the dark.  I have receive lots of help which I will note as I get to each part, but still there is not a lot of info or photos of the Signal available online.    When searching for information I came across a website for a 1933 Bally Blue Ribbon and reached to the owner who was very helpful.  He also directed me to the Prewar Pinball group on Yahoo where the group owner Ken and the other members have been very helpful to me. 

So onto the project…

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