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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to play the game...

One thing that I am still working on is to recreate the instruction card for the machine.  The original instruction card was no longer on the machine and way back when somebody typed one on a typewriter (remember typewriters?) and put it on the machine.  It was badly damaged and had a big chunk missing so I did not even know the rules of the game so I started looking for a copy of the original or just even what the rules were.  Rob Hawkins at Pinball Collectors Resource was nice enough to send me a couple of photos of machines that had the original instruction cards on them to work from.  I was able to take the 2 photos and copy certain parts out of it to recreate the card.  It is not perfect by any stretch but for now will do.  I had trouble tracing parts on the computer so had to print and trace by hand in two layers and scan back in then trace again with the computer and the result has some issues with the letters on the logo but I will try doing it again and see if I can do better.  But as of now this is what I have.  Also the frame around the instructions is very damaged, rust has eaten right through the plating into the metal underneath and I am unable to remove it.  I will have to look to see if a replacement can be obtained. 

Damaged typed instructions from my machine

Photo of original instruction card courtesy of Rob Hawkins

Hand traced image of the signal gate and the text drop shadow

Hand traced image of the text

New instruction card I created, still needs work but for now it will do

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