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Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Dirty Parts

I have been working at night a little bit to clean up some of the dirty and or rusty parts.  Some were extremely dirty and oxidized and others coated with rust.  It has been a tedious process using a dremel to remove the rust and oxidization.  The ball lifter and the coin mechanism both had gunk all over them and looked to have been oiled at some point and I was told that the parts should not have been oiled.  So first I needed to get the oil off.  I soaked the parts in mineral spirits to break down the gunk.  The ball lifter I let soak for several hours as I wanted to make sure any oil and gunk inside was broken down.  After soaking and cleaning of the parts I let them dry for a long time to make sure all traces of the mineral spirits had evaporated.  Then I got to work removing rust from any rusty parts and then got to polishing.  Here you can see the fruits of my labor.  I do prefer the look of brass with patina on it but once I started removing the gunk and dirt I wound up taking off the patina in parts so decided to remove it all and polish it.  I am still working on the ball lifter and some of the other parts but here are a few...

Rust rod that is attached to both the ball lifter and the coin slide.  It locked the ball lifter to prevent somebody from holding the coin slide in and just keep shooting for free.

After rust removal and polishing it is hard to believe it is the same part.

This is where the ball is ejected for play.  Note the dark groove along it from the balls.

Close up shows some pitting.

More pitting and damage.

After a nice cleaning and polish.  Shiny, shiny...

I was able to get most of the groove removed and cleaned up nicely but still it is pitted and will be staying that way..

The dirty gunky oxidized coin mechanism.  It looks nothing like this anymore...

From looking at it before cleaning you would have thought both the slide part and the part that bolts to the cabinet were the same finish. 

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